Newbrook Engineering, (CREWE) LTD

Newbrook Engineering extensive safety railing install

Over 40 years experience of fabrication work

Bespoke fabrication of items, from small to a large scale for our partners in the building and agricultural trade.

We provide competitive prices and are located a few minutes from the M6.

Trusted by many, certified by trusted bodies

Rowlinsons Packaging
Robinsons Brewery

Newbrook Engineering, (CREWE) LTD

Everything you need for your project

Over 40 years experience, our fabrication company leads in a diverse production line.

ENERGAS Gases Agent

We are ENERGAS gas agents and sell consumables for the steel industry. We have a shop on site to supply your demands for valves to cutting discs.

Fabrication Services

Single items to several. Brackets, supports, doors, security gates and bars.


BS EN 1090 Execution Class 2 - Regulation of fabrication and assembly of Steel Structures.

Newbrook Engineering Ltd is certified to BS EN 1090 Execution Class 2 standards for structural steelwork.

BS EN 1090

BS EN 1090 is a set of harmonised standards regulating the fabrication and assembly of steel structures that was introduced in 2014.

Execution Class 2 comprises all supporting structures made of steel up to strength class S700. This typically includes buildings with between 2 and 15 floors.

Welding Specialists

We can offer MIG and TIG, ARC welding and on site welding to suit customer needs. We're also specialists with Alumininum and Stainless.

Fencing - Cheshire Railings

We've made Estates and Cheshire Railings; the iconic black and white open iron style, fencing since 1986. Popular throughout Cheshire we've made miles of it.

Safety Provision

Fire escapes, gangways and handrails. Ideal to make new or old areas safe.

Stainless Steels

Handrails on stairways and landings. Bespoke display stands.

A total refurbishment removal of old, replacement with new, including floors, maintenance, access platforms, staircases, & roof top handrails. In addition we installed steel flashing, and stainless steel wooden topped handrails with mesh and glass panels on the viewing areas for Robinson's brewery tours.

Robinsons Brewery

Our History

Now and the future

Newbrook Engineering continues to be in demand, with excellent partnerships, locally and distant. In 2013, Newbrook Engineering was taken over by Kevin Williams, who started working here after leaving school in 1982. Now Kevin as Managing Director with his team; many of whom have 20+ years of service with the company, leads the company into it's new phase.

Year 2000 onwards

In 2000, Gerald stepped down and Bill became the Managing director. This new phase saw large contracts with Pochin who are a major construction company. Newbrooks were also part of the extensive modernisation and re-organisation of the Stockport based Robinson brewery. Work involved large staircases and a considerable amount of Stainless steel work.

The 1980's & 90's

In 1980, the Samuel Jacksons engineering works at Wistaston closed. Their foreman, Bill Herriman joined Gerald as Newbrooks new foreman. Throughout the 1980's business continued, components for local companies, like ERF and public authorities Borough Councils were produced In 1986, Cheshire County Council commissioned us to make the 'Cheshire Railings'. Popular throughout Cheshire we've made miles of it Many large national construction Companies sought our help in fitting out new industrial buildings.

Getting Established

Formed 40 years ago by Gerald Newbrook.

Heading towards the 1980's, a new purpose built facility was built as growth continued.

Based in Crewe, Cheshire Jcn16/17 M6